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26 / 09 / 2017
Low Light Photography
The thing that makes the Galaxy S7’s 12MP Dual Pixel camera such a superior sidekick for low light photography is a combination of its F1.7 lens, optical image stabilisation, and high-performing 1.4µm image sensor. Together, they allow 56% more light to enter your photos, illuminating all those dark corners and chasing the shadows away. All of this works in sync with the photodiodes and phase detection, which in turn allows you to focus faster and capture action shots quicker than ever before.
26 / 09 / 2017
Apple watch running
Two weeks after the newest Apple Watch landed at Runner’s World HQ, we’re happy to report that it’s a suitable option for your next GPS running watch. Read on to find out what we discovered during testing. (And read our initial observations here.)

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